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Zocor is usually advised to be taken once a day before bedtime.

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Lipitor, zocor may increase risk of parkinson s disease study 6 28 2017 summary judgment granted in lipitor diabetes cases 1 5 2017 task force calls for wider use of statins among older americans 11 15 2016 plaintiffs experts on lipitor diabetes risk excluded on doses other than 80mg order 4 6 2016 lipitor fails to prevent acute kidney injury after surgery study 3 8 2016 trial date for lipitor diabetes lawsuit canceled pending summary judgment motion 12 18 2015 statin side effects beginning to scare off some consumers study 12 8 2015 lipitor effectiveness claims will be subject of additional briefing on preemption question 11 24 2015 lipitor, crestor, similar drugs may make flu shots less effective 11 2 2015 lipitor, similar cholesterol drugs increasingly prescribed to elderly study 8 31 2015 plans for over-the-counter lipitor abandoned by pfizer due to self-treatment risks 8 3 2015 widespread use of lipitor, similar cholesterol drugs supported by new studies 7 16 2015 zocor, similar cholesterol drugs may increase aggression in women study 7 6 2015 study finds no link between cholesterol drugs and memory loss 6 11 2015 statin diabetes risk seen among healthy group of people study 511 2015 statins increase muscle pain, cognitive problems in elderly users study 4 28 2015 statin diabetes risks outlined in another new study 3 13 2015 statin benefits were overhyped, side effects downplayed, researchers warn 3 5 2015 lipitor, similar drugs should be taken by all diabetics, new recommendations say 1 2 2015 lipitor, crestor, other statins may increase thyroid cancer risks in women study 12 17 2014 daily lipitor, crestor or other statin use may increase cataract risk study 12 9 2014 new statin guidelines having unintended consequences, conference attendees told 10 29 2014 lipitor litigation over diabetes risk continues to move foward 10 21 2014 pfizer seeks to dismiss lipitor lawsuits filed by texas residents with diabetes 10 10 2014 lipitor, crestor guidelines overestimate real-world cardiovascular risks study 10 7 2014 study uncovers more evidence linking diabetes to lipitor, crestor, other statins 9 26 2014 lipitor diabetes lawyers to meet for status conference in mdl 8 14 2014 side effectsof lipitor, crestor do not outweigh benefits study 8 7 2014 fda rejects call for lipitor, crestor muscle injury black box warning 6 24 2014 .

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Is recommending that clients take lipitor off its preferred drug list to encourage use of generic zocor.

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